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MARCH 2023

Managing the Hybrid Work Experience

Preparing managers for leading in a hybrid work environment starts with a clear understanding of what the hybrid environment will look like and what the new norms will be, says virtual work expert John Hester.

It also requires careful consideration to ensure you understand the implications of this decision.

“More and more employees are looking for jobs that are either fully remote or, at a minimum, hybrid,” says Hester. “The companies I’m working with that are doing hybrid right are putting the implementation of these plans into the hands of individual managers.”

For these managers, this means sorting through a variety of questions for each person on the team: Can this person’s job be done fully remote or does it require some onsite work? What is their working preference? What work of the team needs to be done in person, if any?

Blanchard Monthly Webinar
Succeeding in a Hybrid Work Environment

An organization’s successful transition to a hybrid work environment requires careful planning and execution. In this webinar, virtual work expert John Hester explores four key areas that are crucial for individual and organizational success in this evolving workspace.

St. Luke's Health System
Strengthening Culture with Learning in the Flow of Work at St. Luke’s Health System

“The healthcare industry faces turmoil regularly, but the pandemic added even more challenge. We needed to double down—to truly invest in our talent and strengthen our culture,” says Amanda Broadnax, director talent development.

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Real-Time Leadership

Carol Kauffman shares information about the MOVE framework from her latest book, Real-Time Leadership: Find Your Winning Moves When the Stakes are High. Hear how leaders can read situations and respond in the most effective way to manage high-stakes challenges.

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Between a Rock and a Workplace: Keeping Your Best People

If you are a leader in an organization that wants people to come back to the office, start the discussions, acknowledge concerns, and be clear that you want to make it work, says innovation expert Britney Cole.

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3 Steps to Retaining Talented People

Investing in people does not only mean making learning and development programs available to them. It also means taking the time to strengthen your relationship, says best-selling author Ken Blanchard in this column for Chief Learning Officer.

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