MAY 2023

A Head and Heart Approach to Next-Generation Leadership

Ken Blanchard and Scott Blanchard are leaders from different generations bound by a common goal—infusing today’s leadership development practices with a head and heart approach. It’s something Ken Blanchard has championed for over 50 years—and it’s something Scott Blanchard is reshaping for the next-generation workplace.

We recently sat down with both men to learn what’s changed and what’s stayed the same when it comes to focusing people’s energy and efforts toward a shared goal.

May Webinar
Ken Blanchard and Scott Blanchard on 6 Enduring Principles of Leadership

Join leadership experts Ken Blanchard and Scott Blanchard as they share six timeless principles of leadership and how they can be used by you—and other leaders in your organization—to build out your individual leadership journey and inspire the highest level of achievement in others.

Syntax Client Story
Building the Business Case for Leadership Development at Syntax

“Our culture is based on concepts of high trust and self-reliance, and we use several talent development tools to support that,” says Dessalen Wood, chief people officer. “But we needed a fundamental framework that would combine it all into a common language of leadership.”

New Blanchard Podcast
Awaken Your Genius with Ozan Varol

Author Ozan Varol says genius isn’t for a special few. It can be cultivated. Sharing information from his new book, Awaken Your Genius, he encourages listeners to discard what no longer serves you and discover the qualities that make up your own personal genius.

new blog post from Blanchard
Four Strategies for Listening so that People Feel Heard

Listening is one of the most important life and leadership skills to master. But it’s harder than you might think. We typically retain less than 25% of what people say, explain Doug Glener and David Witt. That’s a big problem for anyone with direct reports.

Latest Media Article from Blanchard
Using an Innovation Framework to Drive The Great Recharge and Recommitment

Having employees and employers recommit to each other will take teamwork, socialization, and courage, says senior director of experiences and programming Quan Campbell in this article for Talent Management.

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